Yamagata Dojor


Yamagata Documentary Dojo 3 / August 2021 workshop 山形ドキュメンタリー道場3 夏のワークショップ(2021) from Documentary Dream Center on Vimeo.






The Yamagata Documentary Dojo is a filmmakers residency program hosted in Yamagata, northern Japan. Asian filmmakers working on documentary projects are invited to reside in a hot spring spa, using the retreat as an opportunity to review their work from new perspectives. The program includes a workshop with Japanese filmmakers and international professional mentors, after which the filmmakers focus on reworking their projects while taking part in cultural activities with Yamagata residents.

In 2021, the Covid pandemic forced the program online. One Japanese filmmaker stayed in Hijiori Onsen, Ohkura Village for a 30-day retreat in the deep snow, but in August other filmmakers and mentors based in Japan were able to take part in a 3-day followup workshop, half online and half in-person, and an outdoor screening event. In short, a collaborative exchange program of documentary filmmakers from Japan and Asia took place over six months. The program was organized in partnership with Yayasan Kino Media and Minikino, Bali, who provided a second hub and support community for participating filmmakers.









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